An important new role for Iamena in addition to mastering digital marketing is their involvement in product development. This is the essential process by which new products, services and experiences are introduced and existing ones are improved. Taking an active role in product development will close the gap with competitors and between visitor expectations and the actual destination experience. These actions are essential to the destination’s sustainability and are a valuable conduit for increased profitability, job creation and investment. In this era, I amena must play a cross-community role as orchestrators and trusted partners. Product development initiatives might include:

  • Capital investments in hotels, attractors and infrastructure
  • Events, festivals, tournaments and exhibitions
  • Improvements such as public infrastructure, trails, parks, and boardwalks
  • Research, packaging, design and bundling of products, and experiences
  • Service and quality improvement programs
  • Placemaking in the form of more engaging precincts, streetscapes, gateways, public art, and public spaces
  • Thematic interpretation

Increase the economic benefits of tourism and meetings to their respective destinations Inspire travelers to visit their destination Influence travel throughout their communities to increase spending and enhance the visitor experience Attract conventions, meetings and events to their destination.