Iamena is charged with representing a MENA region and helping the long-term development of communities through a business, travel and tourism strategy:

  • Is committed to the following core values: Innovation, Transparency, Responsiveness and Inclusiveness.
  • To promote its respective destination to attract visitors and/or to solicit and service conventions.
  • Our proven systems enable us to rally partners around the strategies that will transform your city or region into a more competitive, attractive and distinctive destination

The core roles of many of our destination Marketing have centered on:

  • Marketing the destination to consumer, trade and special interest markets through traditional advertising and marketing activities.

Those Iamena which successfully respond to this new environment will:

  • Provide leadership and advocacy for tourism, industry.
  • Actively lead and manage the destination brand.
  • Maintain programs that provide opportunities to optimize their product distribution and sales to consumer, trade, meetings and special interest markets.
  • Establish a sound digital platform that incorporates internet marketing, mobile and social media that can lead marketing and intelligence gathering.
  • Provide accurate, definitive and relevant content for consumer, trade, media and other information distributers
  • Ensure that partners are optimizing their product distribution, digital opportunities and cross-selling
  • Align and integrate with other forms of place marketing such as economic development and relocation, cultural and recreation planning
  • Collaborate with business, government and non-profits to orchestrate outstanding and competitive tourism products and visitor experiences
  • Grow the collective capacity of the destination and its partners to enhance the destinations competitiveness, creativity and collaboration
  • Enhance community and stakeholder awareness of the benefits of tourism.