Film industry representation

Location Consultancy For Film Shoots

I amena Entertainment offers Location Consultancy and specializes in arrangements of International Film Shoots for Arab & Moroccan Film Industry. We are your guide to all the necessary details you require that include the following:

  • Destination information,
  • Reference pictures/videos,
  • Reece for Location scouting, Technical feasibility, etc
  • Contacts of Tourism Boards and Film Commissions for destination Incentives,
  • Location permissions, Insurance & Security
  • Line producers and location managers
  • Casting & equipment hire and all other technical support,

Entire logistics arrangements as per your budgets including: Air Travel, Visas, A-class Hotels, Economy Hotels, Arab & Moroccan Meals at locations, Transport etc.

We have special and exclusive arrangements for Film Shooting in Morocco, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey & Spain. In addition to these, we provide options to shoot in other countries at a very short notice. We liaise with various government organizations like Film Corporations and Tourism Department on behalf of Production Houses to get assistance and facilities for film shoots.

Recently we have successfully completed shooting in Morocco, a regional movie’s extensive Song Shoot in Spain. We have ongoing film projects in other countries.