Iamena is a Communication, PR Agency and Council bureau, equals an integrated approach for Destination marketing, B2C Marketing, E-commerce, New media, Events and Communication and PR. Through our worldwide established network we offer our clients a fast entrance to the MENA countries. Our Objective also is to support MENA companies in reaching sustainable growth in foreign markets.

Our core business is to attract more business with lesser budget. Our campaigns and activities need to be efficient and convince consumers to choose for your destination, accommodation, Product, service etc.

  • Trade Marketing
  • Database marketing
  • Travel trade campaigns
  • Trade training programs
  • Informative email campaigns
  • Travel market specialised media buying and planning
  • Special cooperation’s
  • Consumer Marketing
  • B2C strategic planning
  • Integrated consumer cross media campaigns
  • Media planning and buying
  • Press office: work with a loyal network of key media
  • Pitching story angles
  • Pitching for editorial calendars
  • Traditional press releases, press newsletters, press kits
  • Media events & press conferences
  • Press awards
  • Media gatherings
  • Press trips (groups and individual)
  • Hosting TV crews
  • Annual client mediaworkshop
  • Crisis management

Iamena is a multi-service agency specializing in connecting international destinations, hotels and travel products with the MENA travel trade.

  • Individual and group sales
  • New customer enchain and existing customer retention
  • Contract negotiation
  • Sales calls
  • Fare distribution
  • Short-term sales campaigns
  • Regular reporting
  • Product training sessions
  • Educational trip organization
  • Prepare market analysis and forecast
  • Develop sales strategies
  • Branding
  • Customer or Agent surveys
  • Follow up of market conditions and competitor activity
  • Pricing and distribution optimization
  • Product adoptation
  • Promotional material preparation and distribution
  • Promotional events
  • Media planning and advertising
  • Direct mailing
  • Translation services
  • Local website planning and design (or adoptation)
  • E-mail marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Online branding
  • Travel trade website maintenance (agent intranet)
  • Search engine optimization
  • Online booking engine maintenance
  • Presence in social networks
  • Use of social media
  • Necessary IT and telecommunication equipment
  • Dedicated local phone and fax numbers
  • Dedicated e-mail addresses
  • Final consumer call centre
  • Travel Agent helpdesk
  • Loyal Customer service line
  • Educated multilingual staff
  • Reports and analyses

Do you already know in which country in MENA region you wish to do business? Sign up for a trade mission. Trade missions are ideal if you wish to generate many new contacts abroad in a short period. Plus, matchmaking sessions are always part of this type of mission.

What does a trade mission offer you?

  • You will have a better idea of your market opportunities in a country
  • You will meet potential business partners
  • Your international network will expand
  • Doors will be opened that otherwise would remain closed

Furthermore, the exchange of experiences with fellow-entrepreneurs is an element of each successful mission and should not be underestimated. Usually, the program of a trade mission covers three to five days and consists of collective visits to companies and government institutions, individual matchmaking sessions and time for informal networking. I amena has built up an excellent reputation with both principals as well as participants in trade shows.

Due to our excellent network abroad and short lines with the Arab & Mena business community, our organization is often approached by the Arabs governments to organize missions. This is done frequently in the context of a visit by a Minister or other dignitary. In addition to these official missions, I amena adds many own initiatives (on average some 12 missions per year), for which we often work together with provinces, regional development organizations or municipalities. During both outbound as well as inbound missions, the delegation members are always received at the desired level.

Iamena organizes yearly dozens of trade missions and visits to the more well-known growth markets in MENA region as well as potential buyer markets in Turkey etc. The trade missions involve both large, multi-sectoral trade missions as well as smaller sectoral missions, which are organized on a commercial basis or under assignment by Third Parties. I amena is the preferred supplier for the Ministry of Economic Affairs in MENA region. An overview of the upcoming trade and investment missions can be found in the I amena Agenda.

Regionals trade shows offer an excellent opportunity to present your products and services to a large group of interested parties. Since not each company has the resources to be present with its own large and professional booth, I amena organizes collective trade show participations.

These regionals trade shows are the ideal setting to gain valuable business contacts. During these shows you meet foreign entrepreneurs, government institutions, branch organizations and many other types of businesses. By grouping together a number of companies and presenting them within a Lounge or a Pavilion, we make use of the economies of scale. Furthermore, the professional and recognizable look and feel of our Pavilion always draws the necessary interest, both from companies as well as from high government officials and the press.

I amena yearly identifies interesting trade shows and reduces the workload for the participating companies. Examples of recent successful trade show participations are the Gulfood in Dubai etc. An overview of the most important trade shows in the upcoming months can be found in the I amena Agenda.

Why do you want to export? You want to discover new buyers markets and ensure the continuity of your company; you see opportunities for your products in foreign markets; you want to spread your risks, because your local market is becoming too small or you are getting more competition. Iamena supports starting and experienced entrepreneurs with their export, import and investment plans. Make use of our expertise. It will save you a lot of time and money and provides you with new insights and inspiration.

You want to work on export. We will help you put together an export plan or an investment plan. With proper preparation, you have the biggest chance of success. A local business partner who speaks your language, knows the culture and knows the way around agencies, is of great importance if you wish to enter a new market. How do you find the right, reliable business partners? I amena assists you with finding a business partner for marketing your product, service or technology. We do this together with our elaborate network abroad.

When dealing with foreign partners you will be confronted with different cultures, customs and opinions. This may affect how you conduct business. The country experts of I amena can provide you with reliable information about the “Do’s and Don’ts”. Our trade missions, seminars and Round Table sessions with experienced exporters are good ways to be acquainted with the business culture of a certain country. We also advise you on which subsidies and support tools may be interesting to you and how best to use these.

As an entrepreneur you can already find out more information about doing business in the country in which you are interested. Gathering information can be done during the seminars and Round Table session which the I amena organizes periodically. Yearly, I amena organizes a large number of events varying from Trade Dinners, technical seminars, matchmaking events to informal networking receptions.

These events have in common that they are perfect occasions to share knowledge and contacts with the objective to help the Arab business community in their international efforts. In the MENA region and abroad you can participate in the professional matchmaking events organized by the I amena, that often lead to good contacts and contracts.

A new investment law is being implemented in one country in MENA region? I amena will ensure that you will receive first-hand information about the changes during a technical seminar. We also introduce internationally operating Arab & Mena region companies to larger foreign multinationals. This service provides them the opportunity to discover which options exist and how to meet the needs and demands of that foreign company. These “pitches” are effective and Arab SMEs usually benefit in the slipstream of a contract signed by a large enterprise.

During the last few years, I amena organized events, which were attended by Heads of State, Ministers and Mayors of Morocco, and Turkey among others. I amena Agenda lists an overview of upcoming events.

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